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자외선, 가시광선 스펙트로라디오메타



ATX offers standard spectrometric equipment based on line array spectrometers.

There are single channel solutions avialable, which are designed for several application fields like radiometry, photometry and colorimetry.
Furthermore multichannel spectrometers are available with up to 12 channels.


Single channel instruments SPECTRA

Compact and complete sets for






All instruments are available with USB Interface.


The new SPECTRA series relies on the proved ATX principles: small, robust and easy to use. 



The number of channels is selectable from 3 to 12.

Systems can be fitted out with new CP 20 of Jobin Yvon (recommended for absolute measurements)or the UV/VIS-LIGA spectrometer of STEAG microParts (recommended for relative measurements).

The SPECTRA twin is offered for the simultaneous reading of two spectra in the VIS or UV range.






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