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AR 8820-480N2 SERIES




AR-6620 / 7720 / 8820 / 9920 / 101020-480N2 is belonging to the upgrade version in SMT lead free technology, the production capacity and the accuracy of temperature control is more excellent, and the efficiency will be increased 80% ,it is because the temperature difference between the melting point of lead free solder paste and the temperature allowance of components will be decreased within 10℃~15℃. So, the requirement of temperature control should be more precision comparing with the initial soldering equipment. Our Reflow System specialized high technology design, which is combination with the physical & chemical character of both PCB and flux, through the process of raising temperature, even temperature, air convection and cooling, allowing the precision and accurate temperature control by the upper & lower hot air circulation system. And lets the temperature of PCB will be achieved the higher melting point of lead free technology, and solve the problem of the decrease factor of ⊿T, satisfy the temperature absorption

difference between the large and small components, and balance the even temperature in the heating zone......, which is the real king of lead free soldering equipment in the market. 


img230.gif           img231.gif


img232.gifPrecision circulating convection channel,

increase the heating efficiency and the accuracy of temperature control.

AR series focus on the lead free solder paste, not only consider the general thermo graph of pre-heat even temperature - reflow solder. And we expense a lot of experiment and analysis reporting on trapezoid

heating profile, which decreases heat deviations at peak temperature and increasing solder flows, as a result to solve the complex problems of the difference temperature absorption efficiency of the components.












3,960 (L) x 1,520 (W) x 1,480 (H)

4,200 (L) x 1,520 (W) x 1,480 (H)

4,540 (L) x 1,520 (W) x 1,480 (H)

4,880 (L) x 1,520 (W) x 1,480 (H)

5,220 (L) x 1,520 (W) x 1,480 (H)

Power Consumption

42 KW

50 KW

56 KW

62 KW

68 KW

Number of convection zones






Number of heat zones

12 Districts

14 Districts

16 Districts

18 Districts

20 Districts

Width of mesh & chain

C: 420 mm / M: 480 mm

Temperature control

PID Temperature Control

Temperature setting

Room Temperature - 350 C

Temperature accuracy

+/- 1 C

Heating mode

Individually (Upper & Lower)

Warm-up period

10 min.

Mesh driven motor

1 Phase 220V 90W

Mesh trnasmission speed

0.5 - 1.9 m/min

Transmission method

CM : Both chain & mesh

Thermo-profile display


Control Mode

Computer control

Nitrogen comsumption

< 30 m3/hour

Density of oxygen

100 - 500 ppm


1300 Kg

1450 Kg

1600 Kg

1750 Kg

1900 Kg





Huge memory saving information bank with windows 98 program will provide the data analysis.

Excellent on-line thermo graph monitoring & analysis, data storage & setting, convenience for production application.

Individual heating element and circulated convection system, control the horizontal temperature difference of PC board less than ±2 ℃

Precision circulating convection channel, increase the heating efficiency and the accuracy of temperature control.

Auto-lubrication rail device, increasing the reliability for both the chain & rail, resulting in the stable transmission and long life.

Double cooling zones designed will provide the sufficient cooling district.

The irregular temperature conditions, fallen down PC board and not under control nitrogen density, our alarming function ensure the properly production operation, to achieve the target of fully automation management.

The upper construction adopts electrical screw type lift-up device, convenience for the operators to take care the maintenance arrangement.

Mesh transmission suitable for mass production or different specification PCB will be required to be processed at the same time.

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS), avoiding the unnecessary damage of PCB because which can't come out from the oven and protect the data used will be storage by supplying battery backup when power fails.







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