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당사는 미국 APPLIED ANALYTICS INC 의 한국 대리점으로서, 화학플랜트, 석유화학, 제약분야, POWER GENERATION 등 다양한 분야의 제조 및 환경 어플리케이션을 위한 온라인 공정 분석시스템 (ON-LINE PROCESS ANALYZER) 및 샘플링 시스템을  국내에 공급하고 있습니다

본 제품의 적용 및 귀사의 생산현장에서의 분석 관련하여, 기타 질문사항이 있으시면, 당사의 계측기 사업부로 연락주시기 바랍니다.


주요 취급품목


 Diode Array Process Spectrometers for the UV, Visible and NIR

OMA-517: For continuous on-line concentration monitoring. The OMA-517 acquires , uses and processes a complete high resolution spectrum allowing for the OMA to be applied to a variety of high-end process applications. The OMA-517 utilizes solid state technology and has virtually no moving parts. A complete solution to an on-line application, is offered, including the design and manufacturing of a sampling system, optimization of calibration method, and establishing validation procedures to test the reliability of the measurements. A list of applications is included



 A Fiber Optics Multi-Wavelength Photometers for the UV and Visible range.

OMA-300: On-line continuous concentration monitoring by a diode array - multi wavelength method. For less demanding and price sensitive application the OMA-300 is offered at a lower cost. Including sampling systems for specific application.



 A Chlorine Process Analyzer

CLT-360: On-line continuous Chlorine concentration monitoring. Gas   10ppm ±1ppm. Liquids 1ppm ±0.1ppm, High and low levels of chlorine using the same unit.



 Air Demand and Tail Gas Composition Analyzer - In - situ         

TLG-837: Accurate measurements of hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, COS, CS2 and sulfur vapor, concentrations as well as the air demand ratio for control. Incorporating a diode array industrial spectrophotometer to measures the complete spectrum of the process gas stream instantaneously and continuously. In contrast to a filter based instrument , measuring at a few discrete wide band wavelength, the diode array spectrometer processes the absorbance signals obtained from the complete spectrum by a multi-component method. The measurements of all the components are more accurate and reliable allowing for a higher quality and a more reliable control signal . In-situ measurements no de-mister required



 Ammonia Slip Analyzer                

ASA-400:   For accurate measurements of low level ammonia slip.  Overcomes the difficulties induced by the interference from high levels of SO2 in the stream by utilizing the FSFC or Fast Separation Flow Cell. The sample reaches the column and due to differences in absorption and description rates of each of the components to the surface, each travel through the column at a different rate. Once each component arrives at the flow cell it is processed individually via a multi-component algorithm. If no SO2 or only low levels are present a direct flow through cell is used and the stream analyzed via a multi-component algorithm to give the ammonia and nitrogen oxides concentrations.



 Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) & Mercaptans Analyzer     

HSL-203: For Accurate and continuous on-line monitoring of H2S and / or mercaptans. Utilizing diode array UV detection.The sampling system comprises of a valve mechanism necessary to take the sample gases from the inlet connections through the flow cell and back to the outlet connection, allows for auto blanking and spanning (optional).



 Total Sulfur Analyzer             




 A Fiber Optics Multi-Wavelength Color Process Analyzer    

OMA-300-CM: A process color monitor by a diode array multi-wavelength spectrophotometer. Providing tristimulus analysis using the visible spectrum from 340 nm to 720 nm. The results of the analysis are displayed on screen and sent to the analog outputs. Also offering higher reproducibility and accuracy in color measurements conforming with the following methods: Saybolt (D-156), Platinum ? Cobalt (D-1209) and Dyed Aviation Gasoline (D-2392).



 Hydrogen Analyzers (0 to 100%)       

H2A-528: A new hydrogen analyzer designed to monitor 0 to 100% hydrogen in a variety of backgrounds including hydrocarbons. The analyzer measures three different parameters including diffusion, and density to overcome problems commonly associated with thermal conductivity detection.



 A Miniature Concentration Transducer     

MicroSpec: In-line Infrared Sensors Covering the Mid Infrared from 2 to 14µm (5000 to 700 cm-1 )



 An Active Ingredient Analyzer for Clean In Place Processes   

CIP-100: An industrial spectrophotometer is utilized to monitor traces of active material in the development stages, validation routines and in the control of a Clean In Place (CIP) process.



 On-Line Applications : Consulting     

Customized Application: Applied Analytics will help you find a solution to your measurement problem, an analytical technique will be suggested and a sampling system designed specifically for that application. Just give us the applications specifications and budget and let us help you solve it


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