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PVD 진공증착시스템




Metallisation is a surface finishing process applied to plastic materials, ceramics, glass and metal, involving the application of a metal coating to the surface through metal evaporation from resistance heated sources (spirals or boats).

Evaporation takes place under vacuum in a coating plant.

Suitable evaporation materials are, for example,
aluminium, copper, gold, silver, chromium-nickel, copper-bronze.

Additional transparent, protective coatings can be applied, if required.

Metallisation is used for functional as well as decorative purposes and can be deposited as thin or thick film.

For the production of thin and thick films, VTD can supply a variety of universally suitable horizontal vacuum coating plants, distinguished by chamber diameters and process technologies.




Metallisation - Areas of Application

An overview of the wide potential for functional and decorative vacuum metallisation:


      • Reflective coatings:
        vehicle lighting (head lights, lamps)
        lights and lighting industry


      • Protective shield coatings:
        electric and communication technology


      • Decorative coatings:
        car industry, sanitation, fashion and jewellery;
        items for household & everyday use, etc.;
        HMDS protective coating: transparent top layer to protect the metal layer against corrosion.




Hard Material Coating

Using hollow cathode evaporators and one or several ARC sources, TiN-, TiCN-, TiAlN-, ZrN-, und CrN- thin films are deposited on substrates in hard material coating plants.

These PVD plasma process technologies are available under the name of "TINLAY”.

Deposited coatings are functional as well as decorative. They serve as protection against wear and tear and corrosion, and are distinguished by their homogeneous structure, excellent hardness of 1800 to 3000 HV, brilliant colours, and outstanding adhesion to the base material.

These plants can be utilised in most commercial areas. Suitable especially for industrial use are:


Plant systems


Particularly well suited for research, laboratory and small production run purposes is the
small plant



Hard Material Coatings - Areas of Application


The innovative hard material coating

convinces with outstanding coating properties and offers new perspectives in decorative surface finishing, as well as functional wear and tear protection


The economical hard material coating

improves the life span and productive utilisation of many tools and reduces wear and tear of highly stressed machine parts


The brilliant hard material coating

enables metal finishing for fashionable design in various shades of gold, as well as rose, violet, charcoal and black


The hard material coating with a promising future

opens up ever new functional and decorative areas of utilisation, e. g. sanitation items, door and window furniture, and architectural components, thanks to its adaptability for modifications and combinations


The environment-friendly hard material coating

The plasma supported hard material coating in a vacuum is a representative example of the potential for replacing polluting galvanic methods  





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