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- 1892 The foundation


          Mr. Rudolf Schelling and Mr. Hermann Stäubli open a machine shop in Horgen, on the banks of the

          "Lac de Zurich" (Switzerland).
          Very rapidly, the firm "Schelling & Stäubli" became specialised for the weaving industry.
          Numerous patented innovations for weaving machine equipment were produced, primarily for           dobbies (mechanical controllers).


- 1956 Diversification


          With extensive experience in Textile machines, our activity is diversified to include an           additional activity which shares our tradition for quality and our manufacturing expertise of           precision equipment.
          The Connectors Division is created with the production of quick couplings at the Faverges plant,



- 1969 Stäubli acquires the technical competence of the company "Trumpelt", dobby and cam motion           manufacturer in Bayreuth, Germany.


- 1983 Stäubli acquires the technical competence of "Verdol SA", a 100-year old company and Jacquard           machine manufacturer, in Lyon, France.


- 1985 One additional Textile machine production facilities opens, including the production of           Jacquard machines in Carate Brianza, Italy.


- 1989 Diversification
          Stäubli launches yet another division: "Automation and Robotics":


- 1989 Takeover of "Unimation Inc." and its production of articulated robots,


- 1992 Launch of the first line of Stäubli RX robots.


- 1994 Stäubli also acquires the technical competence of the firm "Zellweger Uster AG", weaving           preparation system specialist, in Sargans Switzerland.


- 1998 Majority participation of the Stäubli-Group in the corporation "Sächsische Webstuhlfabriken vormals           Louis Schönherr" and foundation of the Schönherr  Textilmaschinenbau GmbH in Chemitz /           Germany, specialised in developing, manufacturing and in the sales of carpet weaving machines.


- 1999 One additional Textile machine production facilities opens, including the production of           dobbies in Hangzhou, China.


- 2001 Stäubli announces the acquisition of the French company Burcklé & Cie. in           Bourbach-le-Bas / France, specialised in developing, manufacturing and in the sales of high           performance weaving accessories such as heddles, frames and reeds.


- 2002 Stäubli group acquires the majority of the company Multi-Contact Group.
          This group, specialised in highly quality electrical connectors, enjoys an excellent worldwide brand           name recognition.
          Its integration into the Connectors division represents a unique opportunity to offer           complete connection solutions to customers, for any fluid, gas or electricity.




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